viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

My favourite place in Reus

Photo of the Mercadal Square
My favourite place of my city, Reus, is the mine square, the Mercadal Square. You can find it in the center of the city and I like it because it's very central and becouse all the parties of the town are in this square.

In this square are this parties: "la Tronada", in Christmas the town hall put the Christmas tree, a Christmas maket, concerts, St. Jordi...

Because sometimes it's too busy, in the Christmas holidays too people visit the place and I don't like it very much.

The Cristmas tree in Chistmas in Mercadal Square
The square have this name because in the past, at XI century when Reus was the 2nd most important city in Catalonia, it was the square of the market (Mercadal comes from mercat, and mercat mining market). 

In his history, this famous place of Reus haves diferents names, like "de la Constitución", it means "The Constitution" or "de España", in english, "of Spain". 

The market is celebrated every year
But now his name is "Mercadal" in memory to the farmers sold his products in the square in the past. In XIV century, the king Jaume II authorized the market and it was open until 1948. Now, every year after the Sant Pere's party, the people celebred a market inspired in the market of one century ago. In this market, all the people dress like the people dress 50 years ago.  

In this square are some famous emblematic symbols of Reus, like the Navas house or the hall, with her famous clock. 

The famous clock of the city hall

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012






1. What's the dictionary's definition of love? Where is this word from?
The definition is this: Love is strong liking and passionate affection for another people. It is from of Old English connected with Sanskrit and Latin. 

2. How many stages are there in love? Make a brief description of each one.
The first is the lust: It is driven by the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.
The second is the attraction: It is when you are really in love. You only think in this person, you can dream with he or she.  
The neuro-transmitter called “monoamines” play an important role. It are: Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine.
And the third and last is the attachment: This is what takes over afther last season and says if a relationship will last or not. Oxytocin is released by the hypothalamus gland in childbirth and helps to strengthen the strong bond between mother and child. It is also released by both sexes during orgasm.

3. Can love cause you any mental illness, or make you sad? Why?
Yes, it can. Because the events occurring in the brain when you are in love are similar with a mental illness.
When you are in-love are so happy and when you couple leave you are so bad.

4. What four things must you keep in mind while talking about yourself in first dating?
1. Know what to ask: To ask is to know the right questions like: Well what do you do for a living? Or another open-ended questions.
2. Practice in a mirror first: You need to know how it looks when you ask to women, you can asking in front of a mirror for practice.
3. Give compliments: You can give compliments to a person like how beautiful she looks on the evening.
4. Don't talk about your past girlfriend: You can not talk of his girlfriend of the past because the new partner may think that only thinks about the past and other relation.

5. What consists the festivity of Lupercalia in?
This was a fertility celebration of the Roman god Faunus and the young maidens write love letters to unmarried men.

6. Which twelve foods are considered aphrodisiacs?
Are considerate aphrodisiacs these foods: Alcohol, asparagus, banana, caviar, champagne, chocolate,, figs, ginseng, perfumes, puffer fish, oysters, radish and truffles.

7. What elements are often present in interpersonal love?
Some elements that are often present in interpersonal love are: Affection, attachment, altruism, reciprocation, commitment, emotional intimacy, friendship, kinship, passion, physical intimacy, self-interest and service.

8. What does "paraphilia" mean?
Paraphilia is a word used in medicine. This means that a person is sexually aroused by people or animals or children.

9. What are the differences between companionate and passionate love?
When you have passionate love is an intense or overpowering emotion such as love, a strong sexual desire, an outburst of emotion such as rage, jealousy. And when you have companionate love means having sympathy for the suffering of others and it may include the desire to help them out. It’s showing kindness, concern and care for someone or something.

10. According to the triangular theory of love, which combination of elements characterises "fatuous love"?
Passion and  commitment are the characterises of the “fatuous love”.

11. What cultures do the following words belong to and what do they mean? - Amae – Agape
Amae is from the Japanese culture and meaning "indulgent dependence".
And Agape is from the Greek culture and meaning the “pure” type of love.

12. Say what mythologies the gods and goddesses below belong to. - Freya - Kama - Rati - Xochipilli
Freya is from Norse mythology.
Kama is from the Hindu mythology.
Rati is from the Hindu mythology too.
And Xochipilli is from Aztec mythology.

13. What are the main love addiction's causes?
Constantly seeking a sexual partner, new romance or significant other An inability or difficulty in being alone are some love addiction’s causes.

14. What four points should probably involve any love addiction's treatment?
A commitment to abstinence, rebuilding relationships, stress management and self-help are four points for overcoming addiction to love.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Biography of Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy was born in Douglas, Ireland on 25 th May 1976. He’s an actor of cinema and of theatre. The films critics say he is a very good actor because he is adapted so good to the script of the movie.

Her mother is a teacher of French and his father is working for the “Department of Education of Ireland”.
At first he wanted to be a musician because this passion of the music comes for his family.
He did theatre in the University and his professor of English said him he would continue with the theatre. And he did.
When he was twenty years old he debuted like a professional actor with the play of theatre in “Disco Pigs” like Pig. But is in 1998, when he was twenty-two years old when he began her career of actor with the film “The Tale of Sweety”.
Later, he continued to do small roles at some films like “Sunburn” or principals roles like in “On the edge” or “28 days later”.
In 2003 and 2004 he continued with the theatre in two plays and in the cinema with four films, they are: “Zonad”, “Intermission”, “The girl with a pearl earring” and “Cold mountain”.
Is in 2005 when he is converted in a renowned actor with two films very successful: “Batman Begins”, “Red eyes” and “Breakfast on Pluto”.

He was nominated to some awards and he won some. He was nominated to one Golden Globe Awards and one BAFTA Award, but he didn’t won it. But he have a award of the “Actor of the year” of GQ UK, of “Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTA)” like a best actor for the film “Breakfast on Pluto”and the award “Best Actor Lead Film” for the film “Breakfast on Pluto” too.

Now he is been released the movie of sci-fi “In time”. And he’s working in more films.