viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

My favourite place in Reus

Photo of the Mercadal Square
My favourite place of my city, Reus, is the mine square, the Mercadal Square. You can find it in the center of the city and I like it because it's very central and becouse all the parties of the town are in this square.

In this square are this parties: "la Tronada", in Christmas the town hall put the Christmas tree, a Christmas maket, concerts, St. Jordi...

Because sometimes it's too busy, in the Christmas holidays too people visit the place and I don't like it very much.

The Cristmas tree in Chistmas in Mercadal Square
The square have this name because in the past, at XI century when Reus was the 2nd most important city in Catalonia, it was the square of the market (Mercadal comes from mercat, and mercat mining market). 

In his history, this famous place of Reus haves diferents names, like "de la Constitución", it means "The Constitution" or "de España", in english, "of Spain". 

The market is celebrated every year
But now his name is "Mercadal" in memory to the farmers sold his products in the square in the past. In XIV century, the king Jaume II authorized the market and it was open until 1948. Now, every year after the Sant Pere's party, the people celebred a market inspired in the market of one century ago. In this market, all the people dress like the people dress 50 years ago.  

In this square are some famous emblematic symbols of Reus, like the Navas house or the hall, with her famous clock. 

The famous clock of the city hall