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Biography of Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy was born in Douglas, Ireland on 25 th May 1976. He’s an actor of cinema and of theatre. The films critics say he is a very good actor because he is adapted so good to the script of the movie.

Her mother is a teacher of French and his father is working for the “Department of Education of Ireland”.
At first he wanted to be a musician because this passion of the music comes for his family.
He did theatre in the University and his professor of English said him he would continue with the theatre. And he did.
When he was twenty years old he debuted like a professional actor with the play of theatre in “Disco Pigs” like Pig. But is in 1998, when he was twenty-two years old when he began her career of actor with the film “The Tale of Sweety”.
Later, he continued to do small roles at some films like “Sunburn” or principals roles like in “On the edge” or “28 days later”.
In 2003 and 2004 he continued with the theatre in two plays and in the cinema with four films, they are: “Zonad”, “Intermission”, “The girl with a pearl earring” and “Cold mountain”.
Is in 2005 when he is converted in a renowned actor with two films very successful: “Batman Begins”, “Red eyes” and “Breakfast on Pluto”.

He was nominated to some awards and he won some. He was nominated to one Golden Globe Awards and one BAFTA Award, but he didn’t won it. But he have a award of the “Actor of the year” of GQ UK, of “Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTA)” like a best actor for the film “Breakfast on Pluto”and the award “Best Actor Lead Film” for the film “Breakfast on Pluto” too.

Now he is been released the movie of sci-fi “In time”. And he’s working in more films.

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