jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015


First of all I have to say that, in my opinion, every personal situation is absolutely different to any other. What I want to say is that every person is a different case.

Also different is the enjoy you have with your family and the one you have with your pack of friends. On the one hand I prefer and I enjoy more spending time with my family playing games like Bingo. But on the other hand I enjoy more with my friends when it is about talking or going out.

Many people say that when the dark comes, I mean, when bad days come, you only have your family by your side. But I am not agree at all, because I think that some friend can be closer to you than even your parents and be your lifeguard when you are in troubles. 

To sum up I want to repeat what I wrote firstly: every case is different. Personally I argue that family is more important. Maybe it is because they, my parents and my whole family, inspire me security. I also have really good friends I trust on, but they are less than all the components of my family.

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