martes, 9 de junio de 2015


Nowadays, every day is really different to the past one. Technology has changed our life's routines, and other factors like mobile phones or the video games have created and still creates a new way of life.

Some people, most of them doctors, argue that now kids and young people don't play as they used in its youth. And I agree with them, because in our times most of teenagers spend its free time at home instead of going out and playing on the streets. It carries with it problems as obesity.

But I think that because of this enormous changes, we are learning to eat better and have a healthy style of life. I mean, nowadays, at schools, our kids learn which groups of meat, fruits or milk derivated can be eated twice at day, only once, etc.

Summing up, in my opinion technology changes are leading us to an unhealthy future. But at the same time, to make more inoffensives the effects of this changes, we are improving our knowledge about the healthy style of life.

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