jueves, 11 de junio de 2015


If you ask me if we are dependent on computers, my answer is an enormous yes. We are too much dependent on they. In fact, the first thing I did today when I woke up was to switch on the computer and update my social networks. But, in addition, computers are used everywhere nowadays: schools, hospitals...

On the one hand I think it is alright, because it is a progress. Some years ago, doctors and teachers for exemple, must (had to) to handwrite everything, and now they do it all by computers, loosing less time.

But on the other hand, to be dependent on anything is never a good option. What would happen if tomorrow all the computers of the world crash down? Panic! I can not imagine our society without computers, so definitely we are dependent on they. 

To sum up: are we dependent of computers? Yes. And it is not a good thing. So what can we do? Use them to keep progressing and hope they never crash down!

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