martes, 16 de junio de 2015


From: Daniel
Subject: Touring holiday in Reus

Hey David! How are you? It has been so long since the last time we talk. It is nice to know you still remember me.

I am also glad you thought of me to help your friends in their visit.

To help them with their touring I have to say that my city, which is Reus, is not big but it is not little neither. In my opinion it has the perfect size: a medium city.

It is true that Reus has not got beach, but it is near (Tarragona is just 12km away from mi city, and it has some beautiful beach with perfect landscapes). Even (Although) it has not got beach, Reus is a Mediterranean style city (I guess you know what this style is about).

If you ask me about places to visit, I would tell you that the most emblematic place is the 'Mercadal's Square', 'Plaça del Mercadal' in catalan. It has not got anything special, but there is where local people meet their friends, where you can drink a Vermut (a typical drink)... summarizing, it has a perfect ambient to spend the morning. Also are nices places 'la Plaça del Prim', 'la Plaça de la Llibertat' and go shopping is a good idea in this city.

And about the best way to travel around my city... I think it is just walking. On other case, by bike, but car or coach is not a good idea (unless you want to visit the suburbs).

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